Jenas gives a lesson to Paris Saint-Germain that never learned from his mistakes.

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Football on TNT Sports analyst Jermaine Jenas gives a lesson to Paris Saint-Germain. That he never learned from his mistakes throughout his time on the Champions League stage. Even though his squad was full of potential. Wherever the head coach of the Angels takes control. It will be difficult to reach the championship.

PSG, one of the favorites of this season and carrying the honor of being the French Ligue 1 champion, visited St. James Park of Newcastle 1-4 yesterday. UFABET Even though the football camp from Tyneside had a deserted arena. This has been over 2 decades, which is different from the Perfume team that has been playing every season. 

One thing that Jeanas has noticed over the years about Paris Saint-Germain is their defense when facing direct football. Or high pressure from the top Until the best they can do is compete for the Champions League 2020. Therefore, if they continue to neglect them, they will be known as just regular guests, losing hundreds of thousands. Their arms still haven’t caught them. 

Jinas commented :

“With the power on the field, world-class status. The way they are, the young energetic midfielder, seems fresher – at first I thought last night I would see a different image of PSG.”

“But it’s just another Champions League season for them. No matter how you look at it, it’s still Paris, full of flaws as usual.” 

“Luis Enrique, tell me, what are you thinking? When you see your team’s defense, you’ll be surprised because it’s really leaky.” 

“The midfielder just lets the opponent run past him. The center back doesn’t make any decisions at all. Will you cut the ball or block the defense?” 

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