Dan Byrne who scored for the Champions League.

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Rio Ferdinand, football analyst on TNT Sports is impressed by the story of Dan Byrne, Newcastle United defender. Because he is a born Geordi, plays for his favorite team. And broke the net to celebrate the club returning to the Champions League stage again after 2 decades at home.

Dan Byrne went up to score a 2-0 goal in the 39th minute. With the opportunity to continue from a free kick that looked like Jamal Lascelles had caught for handball first. UFABET But the VAR team confirmed that it was clean. 

As usual, the 31-year-old defender kept coming in to help score goals. But having a name on the Champions League would be a very special thing for a local boy like him. So ‘Ferdy’ is delighted as well. 

The former 2008 Champions League champion said : 

“The story of how Bern has gotten to this point is amazing.”

“He is a season ticket holder at St. James Park. I believe his heart must have pierced through the left side of his chest at the moment. He scored a goal in front of his family for his beloved club.” 

“Newcastle play bravely last night. Press high in front of the opponent’s penalty area. It was almost like being punished. But when you dare to play It is often rewarded.” 

“High risk, high stakes. The finish of each goal will be announced. One-on-one duels can be fought all over the field.” 

“It’s true that in this game your opponents are superstars. But head coach Eddie Howe still believes in his players.” 

“’Salikadong’ played aggressively. And try to put pressure on your opponent to make mistakes when they are pressed. Then take advantage and turn it into a door. Can stand and do that the whole game.” 

The three -goal difference was Newcastle ‘s biggest margin of victory in the Champions League group stage. It was also PSG ‘s biggest margin of defeat in a group stage since losing to Chelsea 0-3 on September 2004.