Trans fats are a danger. 

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Trans fats will result in an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) and a decrease in good cholesterol (HDL). Because the body cannot break them down, causing them to remain in the arteries and eventually become clogged. To avoid trans fats. You should mainly avoid eating fried foods. And always read labels before buying food. This article will show guidelines for avoiding foods that contain saturated fat in the diet. The guidelines are as follows: UFABET 

Consider labels before purchasing food.

  • Read nutrition labels Important secrets to eating for good health. One important thing is to read the nutritional information labels of food every time before purchasing any kind of food. In which buyers can check the ingredients of foods. That contain trans fats, which may be hidden under the ingredients of that type of food.
  • Check the seasonings of the food. that contain trans fats that are used as ingredients in the food production industry. Currently, in the food manufacturing industry, it is required to specify the fat content in the label in detail. Search for the word “Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or shortening,” which contain trans fats.
  • Ask the shop owner or service staff what kind of oil is used in cooking. If possible in your food menu You may inform that you would like to use oil that uses unsaturated fatty acids. Such as rice bran oil or soybean oil. In cooking and another option is to avoid fried food and use baking or steaming instead.