Things you need to know about PM 2.5.

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Invites you to understand the origins and dangers of PM 2.5 dust again. Even though this problem cannot be solved. But at least we will be prepared to deal with this non-dust body problem.

1. How small are Microparticles?

PM2.5 refers to small dust particles with a diameter not exceeding 2.5 microns. PM stands for Particulate Matter, meaning dust. If compared to the width of a human hair. PM 2.5 dust is 25 times smaller. Or try If you compare it to a grain of sand that is 60 microns in size. You can see how small the dust particles that are 2.5 microns in size are. UFABET  And that is why our nose hairs or general face masks cannot filter PM 2.5 dust.

2. Toxins mixed in

PM2.5 dust particles have different components depending on their origin. For example, if they come from burning forests. They will be polyaromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur, or if they come from the combustion of fuel from automobiles, the components will be solvents. There are also heavy metals mixed in. Such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Which are caused by incomplete combustion inside the exhaust pipes of automobiles, industrial plants, and cigarette smoke. Which causes cancer in people who inhale it.

Mercury is caused by Burning of oil and coal can evaporate into vapor Damage the nervous system, cause paralysis, cancer, and even genetic abnormalities. It harms both people and animals, especially growing children. Even arsenic from industrial plants, mining, electronic equipment manufacturing, and insecticides can be mixed with PM2.5 dust. Causing skin disease, dizziness, numbness, and wanting to vomit nervous system and harm the lungs.