Illnesses that come with enough sleep.

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Obesity, enough sleep causes the system to grow erratically, causing delayed satiety and increase appetite for fatty foods. A condition in which the body has accumulate more fat than normal or more than the body can burn. Therefore, the remaining energy is store in the form of fat in various organs. Which is at risk of causing health problems and is the cause of various chronic diseases.UFABET 

Diabetes: Sleeping less than 6 hours/day results in higher blood sugar and insulin levels. Diabetes sometimes occurs without any symptoms. Slowly building up silently if blood sugar levels are not check. You will not know that you have diabetes. It is not until the disease has progressed that much that you will become aware of it. If you are worried about having diabetes. Notice how the body works. Is your body tired or easily sick? If you have symptoms and doubt. You should see a doctor for a correct diagnosis.

Effects on the body if it does not get enough sleep.

  • The brain slows down and cannot concentrate. Resulting in decreased learning responses and memory.
  • The face is shabby, making the skin not bright. Dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyes
  • sexual dysfunction Testosterone decreases Affects sexual performance and infertility.
  • mood swings irritated Easier to get angry
  • circulatory system and abnormal blood vessel function. Increase the risk of obesity High blood pressure, diabetes.