Building an understanding of the immune system.

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Normally, the body builds immune system to various types of germs after recovering from those infectious diseases. When the same type of infection occurs again next time. The body is able to respond better to the infection. For example, many people have been sick from influenza infection. The body will remember such germs. But after recovering from the disease. The infection occurred again. Patients will have less severe symptoms and recover more quickly. Which is similar to vaccination against disease UFABET 

But for the infectious disease COVID-19.

 Or the new strain of coronavirus 2019 that has just been discovered, it may It takes time for the body’s immune system to develop immunity to new types of infection. There will be those who can get rid of the infection and those who can’t. This makes the severity of the patients different. For this reason, some patients may not have abnormal symptoms or have mild symptoms. But some patients may have severe symptoms that may lead to death. There is also an important factor that risks death in patients. Namely that there is no specific drug to treat the disease. Because the production of medicines and vaccines requires time to conduct trials. To meet safety and efficiency standards

Although the immune system alone cannot protect against can be infected with COVID-19 , but strengthening the body’s immune system is still necessary. Because it will reduce the risk of dangerous complications such as pneumonia that can cause the patient’s death. Especially those with weakened immune systems or other chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease, etc. In addition, a strong immune system may help reduce the severity of infectious diseases. like the common cold and influenza Therefore, it may help reduce dangerous complications when infected with both COVID-19 diseases. and other infectious diseases