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Illnesses that come with enough sleep.

Obesity, enough sleep causes the system to grow erratically, causing delayed satiety and increase appetite for fatty foods. A condition in which the body has accumulate more fat than normal or more than the body can burn. Therefore, the remaining energy is store in the

Global boiling.

The era of global warming has ended. And the era of global boiling has begun. which is from continuous data collection. It was found that from 2015-2022 the global average temperature was the hottest on record. For the Asian region, average temperatures in 2022 were

Trans fats are a danger. 

Trans fats will result in an increase in bad cholesterol (LDL) and a decrease in good cholesterol (HDL). Because the body cannot break them down, causing them to remain in the arteries and eventually become clogged. To avoid trans fats. You should mainly avoid eating

Things you need to know about PM 2.5.

Invites you to understand the origins and dangers of PM 2.5 dust again. Even though this problem cannot be solved. But at least we will be prepared to deal with this non-dust body problem. 1. How small are Microparticles? PM2.5 refers to small dust particles with a diameter